#TheResistance We are progressives who believe in:

  • Society.  We are all in it together.  The country, and the world, must be governed for all people, not just for the chosen few, rich, or our tribe.
  • Science. Science is founded on scientific theories that use repeatable and predictable methods to observe, understand and explain our world.  For example, global warming is real, caused by people, and the largest existential threat today.
  • Facts. We advocate fact-based policy.  For example, it’s proven that cutting taxes and giving more money to corporations and the the rich does not generate growth. What does is increased consumer spending through a growing and prosperous middle class
  • Government. Government is a critical part of building and maintaining societal goods, such as the military, infrastructure, protecting people, and  supporting infants, disabled, disadvantaged, and elderly.  Program and regulations should be actively managed to reduce fraud and ensure they’re fulfilling their charter.

We invite you to Join us and Get FREED.

This movement wouldn’t have been possible without our President. #ThankYouTrump!